Hy-Production Increased Profits by Outsourcing Contract Machining

M&M Automatic Quality Assurance precision machined parts

About Hy-Production

Founded in 1966 with the focus on manufacturing hydraulic valves and providing sub-assembly services, Hy-Production Inc. now serves as a contract manufacturer of machined and assembled products for a wide variety of industries including medical, agricultural and aerospace.

Hy-Production’s Challenge

After decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Hy-Production had developed a loyal customer-base that utilized them to manufacture parts for a variety of equipment and machines. One of their customers in particular required a custom machined part that demanded a long run time and in turn, provided a very low profit margin for the company. Hy-Production knew that in order to improve their profitability, they would need to outsource the part manufacturing to another company without incurring any additional costs.

Hy-Production sought out a small screw machining company online who could devote energy to their needs and provide a high quality product.

How Outsourcing a Screw Machined Part Increase Hy-Production’s Profit Margins

By outsourcing their customer’s screw machining needs, Hy-Production was able to allocate their time and resources to other, more profitable customer needs. Our team of contract machinists was able to manufacture their part while staying within their target budget and scheduled monthly releases in order to get the part to the end-customer in time. Ultimately, Hy-Production was able to free up their machines to run new, more profitable jobs, increasing their overall profit margin, as well as, maintain their longstanding relationship with one of their most respected customer.

“It was a win-win situation; there was strong communication between both parties while working through the transitions of shifting of the production of parts from Hy-Production to M & M Automatic Products. The quality of the parts was the strongest impression that we made on them.”
– M&M Automatic Products Team

About M&M Automatic Products

M&M Automatic Products has been providing contract machining services such as cnc milling, cnc turning, screw machining and contract assembly services for over 29 years. Built on the principles of exceeding our customer’s expectations, we maintain rigorous ISO Certified quality standards, promise a budget-friendly and on-time delivery, and strive to provide our customers with responsive and personal customer service.