Knowledgeable and friendly customer service employees answer your call
Contract assembly packaging, just-in-time delivery, and other service handled in-house
Satisfying our customers with high-quality parts produced exactly to print
Rapid turnaround of short to medium-sized runs from prototype to production
Proud to be a Miller company, family owned and operated since 1945

Delivering parts on time and to print for over 20 years

At M&M Automatic Products, we focus on what we do best: short runs and small lot sizes of precision-machined parts delivered on time, to print, and within budget. From our skilled and experienced machinists to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team, our employees work hard to meet your needs and exceed your expectations on each and every job. Let us show you!

A family-owned and family-operated company

We’re proud to be part of the Miller family of companies, family-owned and family-operated businesses that have been satisfying customers since 1945. Coming to the United States with only his work ethic and a dream, Francis Paul Miller built a legacy that his grandchildren proudly maintain today: a family of companies that includes M&M Automatic Products, F.P. Miller Company, Miller Truck & Storage Company, Miller Warehousing Services, Air-Hydraulics, Inc., and Phyleo Realty Co.

Why you can count on M&M Automatic Products

The F.P. Miller legacy is more than just a story to us: it’s a constant reminder that satisfying our customers and earning their long-term business is the goal of every M&M employee. That’s why we maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification, rigorously monitor quality, carefully train our machinists, personally answer our phones, and consistently deliver our customers’ parts exactly to print, exactly when promised.

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