Screw Machine Shop

Our screw machining services provide high throughput, precision parts, at a better value than CNC for many custom parts.

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Setting up the machine can take a bit of effort, but once it’s configured it can quickly produce your precision parts. An initial run may require 1500+ pieces for it to make economical sense.

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USA-Made precision parts in Jackson, Michigan

Rapid turnaround of short to medium-sized runs
Cost-efficient and ISO 9001-certified production methods
Precision machining in a range of raw materials
Skilled machinists deliver custom parts on shortened cycle times
Parts in a range of sizes and complexities

Delivering your screw machined parts as promised and on time.

No matter what kind of parts you need, our wide variety of screw machine equipment and our skilled and experienced machinists can deliver them on time, to print, and faster and more inexpensively than you might think. With over two decades in the screw machining business servicing industries from heavy machine manufacturers to transportation and defense, we know what it takes to produce even the most difficult parts with the highest precision and quality.

Screw Machining Services & Capabilities

Our screw machining equipment is designed to manufacture small parts as well as thin, slender parts too difficult for other CNC processes. We run bar stock from 1/8” to 2-5/8”, handle a wide range of materials, and work hard to make sure your contract machining needs are met with quality and value.

We have a variety of six spindle screw machines:

  • 9/16″ RA6 Acme Gridley
  • 1″ RA6 Acme Gridley
  • 1-1/4″ RA6 Acme Gridley
  • 2-5/8″ RA6 Acme Gridley
  • 1-5/8” 6-spindle Greenlee
  • 2” 6-spindle Greenlee

Screw Machined Part Examples

  • Nozzles
  • Fasteners
  • Precision Shafts
  • Spacers
  • Connectors
  • Seals
M&M Automatic Brass Screw
M&M Automatic Brass Screws
M&M Automatic Screw Machine Part
M&M Automatic 3 Screw Parts in Various Colors

Why M&M Automatic Products’ Screw Machine Shop?

Our rigorous quality assurance procedures—from our ISO 9001:2015 certification and our NIST-standard calibrated gages to our machinist training programs—ensure your parts are produced exactly to print every time. Whether you have questions on the best way to produce your part or would simply like more information about our screw machine shop, our team is here to help you in any way we can!

M&M Automatic Dave

What is a screw machine?

A screw machine is an automatic lathe used for creating small to medium-sized circular and cylindrical components. This machine uses a rotating lathe to shave metal down to suit a particular design. A screw machine may use a single spindle or multiple spindles to shape a metal piece down to the desired size. These machines can work with great detail and complexity, and are capable of producing a large number of parts quickly.

What do screw machines make?

Despite the name, screw machines aren’t generally used to make screws. Screw machines commonly produce nozzles, fasteners, shafts, spacers, connectors and similar products. Screw machines can be used to produce many similar components with unique designs, including small, detailed parts, long, slender pieces, and everything in between.

What materials do screw machines work with?

Screw machines use metal bar stock and shave it down into the desired design. Our screw machines work with many different types of metal alloys, including mild carbon steel, aluminum and brass.

How close are screw machine tolerances?

Screw machines are preferred for many components because of their precision. Our screw machines are capable of producing detailed components with tolerances as close as +/- .002”.

What is a typical run for a screw machine?

Screw machines work quickly and can produce small runs around 1,000 pieces up to larger runs as many as 100,000 pieces or more.

Get Affordable, USA-Made Precision Machined Parts Fast!

From prototype to product, our world-class screw machine shop and expert machinists can provide custom screw manufactured parts to print, within budget and in a quick time frame to meet the demands of your project or industry.