Another Powerful Addition: Miyano BNE-51MSY

In addition to the newly added Haas DS-30Y, we brought in another turning center beast for 2023 - the Miyano BNE-51MSY. A brand known for high rigidity for top precision and heavy duty cutting capabilities, this new Citizens Miyano fixed headstock swiss lathe machine boasts 9 axes for cutting with 12+12 tooling capabilities between its [...]

The Best Options for Custom Machined Parts: How to Choose

There are a number of options for manufacturing your custom machined parts. Which option you choose depends on what you’re looking for, your budget, your timeline, and other factors. Let’s take a closer look at the different options for custom machined parts, and which might work best for you. The Best Options for Custom Machined […]

The Importance of High-Quality Screw Machining

From common connectors and fasteners to delicate watch screws and much, much more, screw machines have been an important part of manufacturing for decades. Screw machining technology has continued to improve, allowing for greater accuracy and precision, the ability to work with tougher metals, increased speed, and much more. Finding the right screw machine for […]