M&M Automatic Products ISO Certified & What it Means for You

Every three years, the top contact machining companies around the country undergo an extensive assessment by a third-party body to verify the quality of the company and the products and services they provide. This certification was put into place to ultimately protect you, the customer, and give you confidence when working with specific contract machining… Continue reading

Types of CNC Milling Machines

M&M Automatic Milling Types

The world of milling and machining was forever changed with the introduction of computer numerated control, otherwise known as CNC Milling. Computer numerated control is a process in which a computer takes input from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and converts it into numbers, which are then used as coordinates that control the movement… Continue reading

Why CNC Machining Still Reigns Over 3-D Printing

M&M Automatic Turning Machine

In the last couple years, 3-D printing has been getting a lot of publicity in the machining and manufacturing industry for its ability to print an image into a physical part, such as connectors, screws and nozzles. While, this technique provides a new and unique perspective on manufacturing, there are a number of areas in… Continue reading

3 Common Manufacturing Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

M&M Automatic Materials Employee

Although outsourcing may seem like a business-only activity, people outsource every day. Technically, we outsource when we go to the dentist, because we could just deep-clean our teeth ourselves; we outsource when we send children to school, because we could just teach them from home. However, in these instances, outsourcing just makes more sense: you’ll… Continue reading

CNC Turned Products vs. Screw Machine Products

CNC Turning Verses Screw Machine

When the screw machine product was created 100 years ago, it’s original purpose was to make screws for a variety of different products. However, while the name has remained the same, the technology behind a screw machine product has evolved throughout the years to meet the needs of modern turned components. CNC (or computer numerical… Continue reading